Interview with Laura le Roux, Blogger & Head of Social at Fio

Laura le roux

Interview with Laura le Roux, Blogger & Head of Social at Fio This month we chat to Laura le Roux, founder of the HarassedMom blog which has become one of the most read blogs amongst South African mothers in recent years. The blog aims to help mothers understand their own unique challenges and how to overcome them as part of a community. Laura is also a self-taught Social Media maestro who has spent the last 14 years working with clients as Head of Social at her digital agency Fio. Describe yourself in 3 words Creative. Organised. Passionate. What made you decide to start your HarassedMom blog? We are especially intrigued by the name 😁 I was going through a divorce (16 years ago) and needed an outlet to share life as a single mom and a friend suggested I start blogging. The day I started I was feeling particularly harassed by my kids and so HarassedMom was born. How do you find and keep your readers? Initially, it was pretty easy because I started blogging 16 years ago when it was still pretty new and developed an audience of single moms just by people sharing my content with their friends. We were all going through the same things so that’s why they hung around. What is your content strategy – in a nutshell? I fly by the seat of my pants a lot so my strategy is often not clearly defined. But as blogging has evolved so have I. My kids are also bigger now so I shifted from posting predominantly about parenting to more about sustainable living and our journey to a zero-waste life. I try now to post a mix of our personal journey and general educational-type posts. What are the benefits (for you) of working with affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing allows me to share new brands and products with my audience that I support while also generating income. It is a little less intrusive that doing product reviews or sales types posts. You also run your own digital agency, how do you juggle the two? By planning and staying organised. I try to schedule a time to work on HarassedMom each week as if it was a client because in a lot of ways it is. But I am not perfect and don’t always get it right. What are the biggest challenges your clients face in building a solid social presence? Being heard in the noise that is social media. We are quick to blame the algorithms, but the fact is we are all now competing against so many more voices than we were previously which means it is harder to be heard – even if you tick all the content creation boxes. What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers and social marketers? Just start. I believe everyone needs to start blogging. We all have a story to tell, and we should all tell it. Don’t focus too much on the numbers in the beginning, just start and the rest will come. The best advice anyone has ever given you? When you know better do better! Read more at All Interviews and Insights Industry News CEO's Thoughts Interviews and Insights Why Black Friday 2022 will differ from before 26 Oct 2022 Why Black Friday 2022 will differ from before Despite current downturns in the economy, evidence shows that the e-commerce industry is picking up and going back to pre-pandemic… Read More CEO's Thoughts Never stop marketing 26 Oct 2022 Never stop marketing There’s a LOT going on in the world right now. This is not a political piece, yet it is diffiult to ignore the world-shaping events… Read More Interviews and Insights Interview with Sandra Jardim, Blogger/Founder of MammaBearLove 26 Oct 2022 Interview with Sandra Jardim, Blogger/Founder of MammaBearLove Our October profile is Sandra Jardim, mom to twins Gisela and Alaia and blogger/owner of MammaBearLove. She uses her blog as… Read More Prev123Next