This month we chat to Benike Palfi, actress, writer and foodie blogger. Fluent in both English and German, she has appeared in European, American, and South African productions, while continuously exploring her love for food, writing and entrepreneurship.  She is the editor of I Love Foodies, a blog about food and culinary adventures in the Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Fun. Nerdy. Hungry

What made you decide to start a blog?

I have a background in academia and was searching for a more colloquial writing outlet. I’ve always loved food, so put the two together and, voila, food blog!

What makes different to other food blogs?

I always say we offer quality restaurant reviews that are honest and truthful. The brand as a whole focuses on excellent writing, combined with great photography and lots of personality.

I love what I do because

I’m obsessed with food. Literally.

What makes a good blog?

For me, personally, it’s exceptional writing. Bad grammar, paragraph construction, and horrid spelling are big no-nos for me, and a prime reason I often stop reading articles.

How has the Covid-19 crisis affected you as an online publisher, and what are you doing to adapt to the new normal?

Restaurant visits are the bread and butter of I Love Foodies, so Covid-19 has affected us quite severely. But now we’re focusing on producing content that will help people during lockdown – lists of delivery services, immune-boosting tips, recipe ideas, etc.

3 things Im doing to keep myself safe and sane during the Covid-19 crisis

I’m keeping safe by staying home. I already started self-isolating about two weeks before lockdown and, considering all the research I’ve done on Covid-19, I see no other alternative to tackling the virus effectively. I feel safe as long as I stay put. And I’m pretty good at keeping myself sane – yoga and meditation help tons, but I’m also reading and writing a lot, and have signed up for a bunch of online courses. Plus, I’m working on a couple of new projects, so I’m excited to finally have the time to work on these. While I am panicky about ‘real’ work (my full-time job is in film and television, which has completely shut down due to the crisis), I’m trying to see the positives in this and find much to be grateful for every day.

I cannot stand

Is it horrid if I say ignorance? And perhaps selfishness. The Covid-19 crisis has really highlighted the abundance of both of these in our society – and the world as a whole. (Not discounting all the good people have done, of course.)

My favourite place to eat in Cape Town is
Hmm, difficult to choose. But considering my very real lockdown cravings right now, I’ll say Make in Sea Point. I’m obsessed with sushi and Make is definitely one of the places I’m dreaming about.

My favourite tech gadget is

To be honest, I’m not a big tech fan. I’m all about the old-school book and pen. But I couldn’t operate without my phone and laptop. Those two items keep my entire business alive.