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Update from our CEO


It is hard to believe we are at the halfway mark of 2024. The first half of this year started slow but steady and we have been fortunate to sign up several new advertisers and programs. With last week’s elections, economic sentiment, in general, has been veering on the careful side (understandably so). Still, I am confident that as we shift into the second half of the year, many online businesses will be keen to make the most of what’s left of the year and will be pushing hard to get those results and sales in.

The Sentech Africa Tech Week Conference 2024 was held recently in Cape Town. Thought leaders, policymakers, and industry experts gathered to explore the transformative power of technology in driving economic growth, fostering digital inclusion, and advancing financial services across the African continent.

Some topics covered included Broadband, 5G, Satellite Technology, Connecting underserved areas, and Digital Skills being the future currency. (source:

Mondli Gungubele, minister of the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, delivered a compelling address on “The 2024 Innovation Imperative: How Government is Leveraging AI & New Tech for Economic Growth.” Minister Gungubele underscored the critical importance of digital skills in navigating the evolving economic landscape, as highlighted in the presidential commission’s Fourth Industrial Revolution report.

In the panel discussion Unlocking your Data Goldmine, speakers delved into the challenges and opportunities surrounding data management and cyber security. It was agreed that implementing a master data management system with automation and standardisation is key to reducing human errors and enhancing data quality.

As a final thought, as we enter the colder winter months it is important to adjust your e-commerce strategy according to the seasons to optimise conversions and draw in new customers. Consider your product offering: how can you repackage it to be more appealing during winter months? What campaigns can you put together to give these products/services an extra push from now till August?

As always our team is here to assist.

Wishing all our publishers and advertisers a busy and successful Q2.

Daniel Gross – CEO

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