Tips for monetizing social media channels

10 best practices for Social Media publishers

When on average only 1% of brands’ Facebook fans arrive at their e-commerce page, there is a significant job to be done. This is where social media and social strategy play a role and where the big opportunity lies. Our objective for brands is to narrow the gap from intent to purchase via social channels. As a publisher, there is a huge opportunity to provide brands with social media channels to engage with potential customers in a trusted environment. Here’s how:

  1. Check the offer’s policies on social media advertising and use the creative provided

  2. Choose offers that match your target audience, rotating offers regularly

  3. Provide a clear call-to-action with a link and creative

  4. Build trust by providing your audience with brands and deals that they actually want

  5. Entice readers by building positive associations around the brand

  6. Create relevant content around the offer

  7. Promote offers that are seasonally relevant

  8. Always check that your links are working to avoid non-payment

  9. Identify super users and incentivize them to review products on your site

  10. Provide fresh and relevant content in line with your community

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