Achieve best possible ROI on your advertising spend

As an advertiser (merchant) you want the best ROI on your advertising spend – our performance-based marketing model will deliver just that.

  • Achieve the best possible ROI – unlike traditional online advertising, our main focus is on performance-based campaigns.

  • We do not try to sell you a ‘box-standard’ product. First, we look at your business requirements, then suggest a solution that we believe will yield the best results

  • Easy to get started – we assist you with training, templates and general setup

  • Be as involved as you like – approve or deny publisher applications yourself

  • Control how much you spend – set a cap and stay on top of your payouts

  • Get access to a network of qualified and approved publishers including websites owners, bloggers and social media affiliates

  • Comprehensive and detailed reporting on all aspects of your campaign – accessible at any time

  • Manage your account/ads through our unique Advertiser interface – change up to 100 ads at once

  • We consolidate publisher payments and deal with the admin on your behalf

  • A dedicated Account Manager, always available when you need assistance

Don’t you just love those acronyms?

We understand how daunting and confusing the online industry jargon can be, so we’ve put together a list of the most common (and most important) search marketing terms and acronyms, and what they mean.

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