Offer your clients a new and lucrative channel that is risk-free

As an agency, you need to deliver results to keep your clients happy and we can help you to achieve this. With our detailed campaign reporting and transparent performance-based advertising model, you will keep your clients smiling.

  • Your own Agency login where you can manage all your client affiliate programs

  • Upload new ads or change the campaign message at any time

  • Offer your clients a new and lucrative channel – one that is risk-free and provides the best possible ROI

  • We work with you to set up a program that is the best match for each advertiser’s offering – whether it is CPM, CPC, CPL or CPA

  • Access to a wide range of publisher sites, ready to display your client’s ads

  • Approve or deny applications to each affiliate program yourself, so you always know who you are working with

  • Sophisticated and detailed reporting on all key campaign aspects

  • We will happily refer our clients to the agencies we work with and aim to build a long-term partnership with you

Through our sophisticated, yet user-friendly system, you can manage all aspects of your client’s affiliate program. See what products are top sellers, change up to 100 ads at once, and extract detailed reports on click-through rates, leads, sales and more. We assist you at each step to ensure everything is set up to your (and your client's) satisfaction.

How we work with agencies

Keep your clients happy!

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