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What is Performance-based Affiliate Marketing?

Performance-based affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more publishers for each visitor or customer brought about by the publisher’s marketing efforts. For example, an advertiser runs a campaign to sell electronics online, and offers to pay 15% commission to the publisher for each sale. AdMarula facilitates this process by, a) providing a system and marketplace that connects online advertisers and publishers, and b) assisting with the tracking, management and administration of affiliate programs.

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First we discuss what your product/offer/objectives are so we can choose a campaign model or combination that’s just right. Then we discuss your budget or payout rate, upload your creative and test that the tracking is working 100%. Finally, your program is promoted to our publisher network. Publishers will apply to run one or more programs, and once approved they can start to earn commission. You choose your budget and how to structure your campaign to best suit your offer. There are four different models to choose from: (read more about each of these by clicking on the options below).