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Cashback sites a winner for SMEs

Cashback sites a winner for SMEs Post Featured image

After analysing all their member data for last year affiliate industry publisher Hello Partner recently reported that Cashback publishers were the biggest moneymakers for SMEs.

Surveying over 100 respondents, we learned that cashback partners were the biggest profit generators for SMEs, with 28% selecting this. It’s far in the lead too, as coupon providers appear in second place at just 18%. Meanwhile, creators, who fared pretty low here, are at the top for investment in 2024.

What is cashback?

Like most affiliates (partners), the payment model for cashback affiliates is cost per acquisition (CPA). The difference between the cashback partner and other types of affiliates, i.e. content or discount code, is that cashback sites will pass on the part of the commission they earn to the consumer.

The cashback model benefits a wide range of businesses including fashion, groceries, electronics, travel, department stores, and food delivery services.

Some cashback websites reward their members by paying them a percentage or 100% of the commission they receive from an advertiser when a purchase of goods and services is made via their website or app. Cashback sites often have extensive and diverse members, which companies can utilise to target different audiences to their existing customer base.

Also, cashback members are loyal to the concept of cashback. If a particular business is not found on the cashback website, it may result in consumer spending with a competitor site who are present.

Benefits for advertisers

Some benefits that advertisers can expect when collaborating with cashback sites include a higher average order value (AOV), improved conversion rate, a new audience reach, and finally hitting ROI targets (due to the CPA model).

Do you have a cashback site?

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