Tips for boosting your conversions in 2021


Building and running an online business successfully takes a lot. It therefor becomes extra more frustrating when someone leaves your shop without buying anything, whether you are getting them via content marketing, paid ads, or any other sources. A high traffic site is worthless if visitors are not converting into loyal customers. This is why […]

2020 the year that e-commerce explodes?


If it scares you to think that (e-commerce wise), everything you’ve planned, worked on, sacrificed and hoped for in 2020, depends on what happens in the next 35 days, it’s because it is. The end of October is upon us and with exactly 35 days to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, it’s time for online […]

Tips for a successful Valentine’s campaign


You may feel like you’ve only just packed away the Christmas tree, but Valentine’s Day is exactly two weeks away and with the average South African expected to spend over R700 on gifts, publishers and advertisers alike will want their piece of the Valentine’s pie. Competition for eyeballs and customers is fierce, but there ARE […]