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Interview with Bianca Huber, Blogger & Founder of


August is women’s month in which we celebrate women from all walks of life, making their difference, doing their thing. Our August profile is Bianca Huber. As Founder of, “a blog of inspiring women, inspiring women“ as she phrases it, she aims to encourage women by providing a platform where they can share and read experiences of influential women in all industries. The blog also features posts about travel, beauty, business, events and more.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Ambitious, passionate, sassy

What inspired you to start Heyboo?

I have always wanted to create an “online magazine” but never found the time or resources. Then, in 2020 I decided during the national lockdown when I couldn’t work, to start a blog showcasing women within different industries that were making an impact. My goal was to inspire more women to start their own companies or gain better knowledge about a specific field. Enter: HEYBOO.

How do you find and keep your readers?

We try to find readers by interviewing women who are making noise in their career, or just being plain awesome – by doing this, we reach the interviewee’s followers and hope they join our community. Once we have gained these followers, we try to keep them coming back for more with interesting blogs, giveaways, and more relevant content.

What is the best and worst thing about running your own blog?

The best thing I would say is being able to have freedom with how you write, who you chat too, and the connections you make. The difficult part is monetising the blog and little nitty-gritty things like keeping up with trends 24/7 – it’s very tiring.

What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers and social marketers?

Always take any and every opportunity you have to market yourself/your blog to your target audience. Another thing is to just start. Take the leap. It is very daunting and very time-consuming, but if you put in the work, it is very rewarding.

Who in your opinion is the ultimate Boss Babe?

I couldn’t say just one person. To me, a boss babe is anyone who is putting their hat in the ring. Anyone who is joining the fight to follow their dreams.

Which women have had a profound influence on your life so far?

My mom has definitely had a huge influence on me, and is my biggest cheerleader. I also have many friends who are so encouraging and are always around when I need advice – which I’m so grateful for. One other person to mention is pro surfer Carissa Moore, she is so dedicated in what she does and pushes the boundaries in a male-dominated sport – and that is so incredible to me.

If you could make 3 changes in the world to help uplift women, what would that be?

Place women as leaders and give them decision-making roles. Pay equality throughout every industry. More investments in women’s entrepreneurial ideas.

How did you celebrate Women’s Day?

I took the day for myself to do exactly what I wanted to do. No disturbances from social networks, just me and my cat.

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