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Interview with EcoFlow

This month we chat to Nadia Zhang, Affiliate Manager at EcoFlow. Started in 2017 by a group of battery engineers, Ecoflow’s mission is to provide smart and eco-friendly energy solutions for individuals, families, and society at large including home solar systems, smart devices and portable power solutions. With 522 patented technologies and more than 2.5 million users globally, we find out more about their amazing success story.

EcoFlow is still a relatively young company. Can you tell us a bit about how it all started?

EcoFlow was born out of the dream of a group of battery engineers in 2017. United in the belief that access to power is a fundamental human right, the group began developing solutions to relieve global populations from power insecurity. We launched our first product, the EcoFlow River Portable Power Station in June 2017, after a successful Indiegogo campaign raised over $1 million.

“Replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy is the fundamental way to increase energy consumption per capital while still achieving sustainable growth,” the founder asserted.

In the last six years, we’ve combined cutting-edge research and development with an extensive distribution and sales network to redefine the battery industry with user-focused power stations. EcoFlow now has a global presence, with over 1,000 employees around the world and operations in 100 countries.

The following table shows some of the major milestones for EcoFlow products over the last six years:


·        EcoFlow founded by a group of ex-DJI battery engineers, headed by CEO Lei “Bruce” Wang, focusing on mobile energy storage.


·        EcoFlow Series A funding of US$4.8M

·        EcoFlow introduces the RIVER power station on IndieGoGo priced at $513, raises $1M.


·        EcoFlow RIVER 370 wins Red Dot Award and iF Design Award

·        EcoFlow brings out the DELTA, with X-Stream fast charging and 1260 Wh capacity, prices at $1760, raises $2.8M on Kickstarter in 48 days.


·        The new EcoFlow RIVER series raises $7M in crowdfunding.


·        DELTA Pro released Aug 2021 and priced at $3600, became most successful product in Kickstarter history with over $12M in crowdfunding in two months

·        EcoFlow raised over 1 billion yen (US$9.7M) on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake

·        EcoFlow Solar Tracker and EcoFlow Smart Generator introduced

·        EcoFlow DELTA Pro listed by TIME magazine in “Best Inventions of 2021”, Sustainability category

·        June: Series B funding of $100M by Sequoia Capital’s Chinese arm, Hillhouse Ventures.

·        2021 annual revenue reached $200M.


·        EcoFlow annual revenue nears $1B.

·        EcoFlow establishes global presence, with over 1000 employees globally and 5 US offices & warehouses.

·        EcoFlow brings out EcoFlow Power Kits for RVs, home backup, and off-grid homes.


·        January: at CES in Las Vegas, EcoFlow introduces the EcoFlow BladeEcoFlow Glacier and EcoFlow Wave 2, respectively a robotic lawnmower, a 12V sealed-compressor fridge/freezer, and a portable air conditioner and heater.

·        May: EcoFlow PowerStream balcony power plant and EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max power station released.


Going from a tech startup to over 2.5M users in less than six years is no small feat. What do you contribute the business’ success to?

EcoFlow started Affiliate marketing from scratch in 2020.  I have been working to communicate with affiliate networks and integrate with them technically. Search and find the affiliates that suits EcoFlow and offer help and provide them materials to promote EcoFlow. Now we have built partnership with more than a thousand publishers and the affiliate channel has become a crucial traffic source and drives numerous orders for us.

Describe the typical EcoFlow customer.

For families that often find themselves in blackouts. Especially those individuals and families who look for emergency backup power solutions. EcoFlow’s Whole-Home Backup Power Solution is designed to keep the lights on and more after a major storm, natural disaster, or something else for up to a full week. And don’t forget outdoor lovers, campers, overlanders, RV enthusiasts and off-grid adventures.  EcoFlow enables a power self-sufficient lifestyle on the road.

What has your experience been in using affiliate marketing as an extended sales channel?

 We aim to reach more affiliates and publishers by partnering with new affiliate networks in the last 4 years. From CJ, ShareASale to Awin, Commission Factory and Admarula. To work with more local publishers and promote to local customers, we have been dedicated to looking for affiliate networks renowned for trustworthiness, fairness, and ethical practices in the industry. Also, we prefer the network with Strong support and resources. By setting product-level, store-level commission, we aim to promote our brand and products in different regions.

How do you attract and incentivise affiliates to form long-lasting partnerships?

We are trying to recruit publishers in different types and categories, like Youtube influencers, bloggers, deal and coupon websites, product reviewers, and our customers with their own social media accounts. We offer detailed guidance to help them onboard the affiliate networks and keep a close eye on their performance and offer suggestions and creatives to help them optimize the promotion. For those valued affiliates, we keep in touch with them and offer higher CPA to incentivise them to offer more placements and drive more traffic to EcoFlow. Besides, we have set up an event-driven newsletter to inform our affiliates when they have achieved a milestone or have never achieved a sale since they joined our program. So, I think the key is communicate with affiliates often and let them know what campaigns we are going to launch and what they have done.

How does EcoFlow differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive online marketplace?

EcoFlow batteries offer a pioneering solution that merges cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness. These portable power stations offer a plethora of advantages that extend beyond traditional power sources.

  1. Empowering Sustainable Living

With innovative battery technology at its core, EcoFlow taps into the boundless potential of renewable energy sources, particularly solar power. 

  1. Unrivalled Portability and Convenience

EcoFlow batteries epitomize the epitome of portability and convenience. Crafted with a deliberate focus on mobility, EcoFlow contrast starkly with traditional generators notorious for their unwieldy nature.

  1. Versatile Power Solution

Whether you’re venturing into the wild or grappling with a sudden blackout, EcoFlow batteries stand ready to serve. From smartphones to laptops, mini fridges to medical devices, EcoFlow batteries offer a comprehensive repertoire of power outlets, mirroring the diversity of the modern world’s requirements. 

  1. Silent and Clean Energy

EcoFlow’s silent operation isn’t just a practical advantage; it’s a manifestation of respect for nature and the serenity it offers.

  1. Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient

EcoFlow batteries operate with minimal overheads, setting the stage for sustainable savings.

EcoFlow batteries represent more than just a technological innovation; they embody a commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable world. With their portability, versatility, and eco-friendliness, EcoFlow offers a compelling alternative to traditional power sources.

In conclusion, EcoFlow has delivered solutions to 2.5 million homes and will continue safeguarding power security for people worldwide. EcoFlow empowers global consumers with cutting-edge innovations and technologies, overthrowing the status quo while redefining possibilities in energy solutions. Besides, we offer reliable customer services.

What are the unique challenges and opportunities EcoFlow faces in the South African market?

We have been taking a leading position in North America, Europe, but we are new to South Africa market. So, it may take some time for more people to know and trust EcoFlow.  But load-shedding in South Africa offer EcoFlow an opportunity. EcoFlow can provide reliable load-shedding home solution that harnesses solar energy for power during an outage. We offer energy solutions tailored to various load-shedding stages, ensuring a constant electricity supply to your home.








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