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There’s a LOT going on in the world right now. This is not a political piece, yet it is diffiult to ignore the world-shaping events happening around us when considering economic forecasts and the future business lanscape. While many companies are still reeling in the aftermath of the pandemic, Putin’s war on Ukraine (which has escelated in recent weeks), has left many economists, world leaders, and us wondering, ‘ what next?’.

While the data suggest that we may be heading for a global recession, there are things business owners can do to ensure they are in as strong a posision as possible to weather the storm:

Manage your cash flow – In easy or difficult economic times, cash is always king. Cash flow can make or break your company. To get a handle on your company’s cash flow, look at your current cash flow statement daily, and start forecasting (if you aren’t already) with trailing three-, six- and 12-month cash flow forecast charts.

Manage your costs – With inflation at a 40-year high, costs are up, and an economic recession is only going to make increasing costs more difficult. Do everything you can now to evaluate your operations and trim the fat so you enter the next recession already lean and mean.

Stay on top of receivables – During a recession, everyone struggles. This means your customers might too. Make an effort now to evaluate your clients and their paying habits. Be sure to schedule contract renegotiations whenever possible to close up your pay cycles and shorten your sales outstanding figures.

Make data-driven decisions – When times are tough, accuracy is crucial. Even if your instincts as a business owner are good, you need to consult your numbers, look at your company’s financial trends and evaluate forecasts before you make any changes in your business.

Last, but not least: Never stop Marketing! – You might guess one way to conserve expenses is to cut back on your marketing budget, however continuing your marketing efforts through difficult times projects your company as a true leader, teaches your current customers they are in good hands, and gives new companies confidence to do business with you.

Onwards and upwards!

Daniel Gross – CEO

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