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Interview with Sandra Jardim, Blogger/Founder of MammaBearLove

Interview with Sandra Jardim, Blogger/Founder of MammaBearLove

Our October profile is Sandra Jardim, mom to twins Gisela and Alaia and blogger/owner of MammaBearLove. She uses her blog as a platform to share useful parenting advice with her readers, ranging from going through the challenges of an IVF pregnancy to navigating the topsy-turvy life as a parent of twins. Her candid and honest articles give readers a glimpse into what parenthood is really like, with all the beauty, challenges, smiles, tears and unforgettable moments that come with it.

Describe yourself in 3 words
My immediate response is Mom, Mamma and Mommy, but then I take a minute and know as much as I am all of that I am also so much more. So I would say determined, passionate and patient.

When I was little I wanted to be…
A teacher. I have been fortunate enough to grow up with so many cousins and growing up I always played ‘School-School’ and was always the teacher. I went as far as doing activities and stickers for when we all met and played. All these years later still something I always wished I had pursued.

What made you decide to start a blog?
The day I found out we weren’t going to be able to conceive naturally and we needed to look at IVF I wanted to read every article, every experience from other moms to get as much knowledge and info as I could. I then really just wanted to share my experience with everyone – I think we so often feel alone in what we are going through and reading other moms’ experiences help make you not feel so alone.

Tell us more about the name? (MammaBearLove)
After the girls were born I become instinctively fierce and protective of my babies. My Hubby and Mom would tease and call me Mamma Bear so just felt it was perfectly suited.

How do you decide what topics to write about?
I try not to over think it so much and force content. I share experiences and thoughts that really affect me and that I feel aren’t spoken of enough.

How do you attract new readers?
This is truly something I need to focus on more. I aim to manage my ‘mom working life’ better to allow me more time to share more experiences and thoughts. By posting more regularly and engaging more with my following I always see an increase in not only the engagement with existing followers, but also new followers.

I love blogging because…
I really do believe there is magic in sharing your vulnerability sometimes. Seeing how just sharing my experience can impact someone else reading it is truly everything and why I love this so much. Getting a message from a follower saying how reading the post made them not feel so alone is why I want to keep sharing.

Some of your favourite blogs that you read regularly?
I love Just A Mamma, she is my all-time favourite blog to read.

My 1st choice for a weekend family activity is
Total cliché, but to be together. Gosh, making time for anything is hard, but having those days where we are all together and just having fun is my all-time favourite thing.

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