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Is Email Marketing dead?


Not too long ago, email marketing was one of the main forms of digital marketing for many businesses, but now various platforms and ways to get a digital marketing message across exist. The good news is that email marketing remains one of the valuable marketing tools that businesses can use to get their message across. Here’s why:

Personalisation & automation
Technology makes it ridiculously easy to both personalize and automate the email marketing process. A lot of email marketing technology will allow for a high level of personalization far beyond just inserting a person’s name into the email. By creating personalized content, email marketers are able to connect with subscribers on a much deeper level, increasing open rates and driving customers to their websites.

One of the main benefits of email marketing is that emails are mobile-friendly. With most people using their devices to go online, participate in social media, and check emails, it makes sense that marketers have also made high use of mobile platforms.

Integration with other marketing channels
A multichannel approach to digital marketing works best, and email can help to bridge the gap between marketing efforts. For example, you can use social media to find prospects who will sign up for your email marketing campaigns. Then, you can use email marketing to connect prospects to your social media platforms.

Higher order value
According to the average order value from email campaigns is three times higher than that of social media

New customer acquisition
Email marketing has proven to be 40 x times for effective in acquiring new customers vs Facebook or Twitter

Click-through rates
Personalised email messages can improve click-through rates by 14%

While it is clear that email marketing still has a lot to offer, there are certain email marketing practices that should be avoided:

– impersonal subject lines
– ignoring GDPR standards
– using non mobile-friendly templates
– not making strategic decisions based on metrics/data/testing
– spam (i.e. using non-opted in mailing lists) – A BIG NO!

Why the approach to how Email Marketing is executed has certainly evolved, it is by now means a dead practice, and if implemented correctly it can still yield great results.
Happy selling!

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