When preparing your affiliate marketing activities for voice commands, it’s good to know if your target group is likely to use voice search. For example, a survey done by searchengineland.com of tech-savvy users, show that he age group with the heaviest voice search usage is the oldest group, ages 65-plus. 88% of respondents aged 65 or older use voice search at least a few times a week. 50% of users ages 65-plus claim to use voice search 1-3 times per day. For companies targeting this age group, voice search should absolutely find its way into their marketing mix.

Interestingly, the age group just below this one – 55-64 – had the lowest voice search adoption rates among all respondents, with 32% of respondents indicating they rarely or never use voice search. Perhaps this age group is more accustomed to searching for things using screens, whereas the oldest age group is less technologically-savvy and enjoys the ease of searching and interacting using voice commands.

Voice command and Google Search

Traditional search through search engines is still going strong, regardless of the growth of voice search.

Certain processes of affiliate marketing will stay the same through Google Voice Search. After people reach a website, found with the help of voice search, they can land on your affiliate website and become a referral after clicking your affiliate link and purchasing a product.

However, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), will be a bit different. You will need to optimize your affiliate website for voice commands rather than typed keyword queries. Including questions in your content is one way of preparing your site for search commands, because many search commands are questions.

Direct purchases with voice command

There are definitely some points to consider when looking at the link between voice command and direct purchases. As more people start using voice command to order products, this can affect people who would otherwise sit behind a desktop, find products on Amazon and look up some reviews online. This could be a review from your affiliate website, for example, in which case you would lose this referral due to voice command.

Now if you are were an Amazon affiliate, the question would be, will you lose referrals because voice command is on the rise? And the answer is yes and no, because you can also argue that users who want to buy in this quick and convenient manner would be the ones that go directly to the purchase website without doing more research.

How much your site will be affected by direct purchase through voice command in the future will also depend on your niche. Some products are more suited for a quick purchase through voice command, while other products require more investigation before purchase.

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